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Marga’s work has been exhibited in major cities around the world, including New York, Singapore, London, Istanbul, Beijing, Barcelona, Ferrara, and Zurich. In 2006 she received an award for her work at the International Contemporary Art Exhibition in the Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy. In 2010 her work has been selected for the “Big Expo” an international exhibition concerning the Chinese Cultural Heritage, Beijing, China.In 2011 she became winner of the TOPTEN International Art Competition “Women in the Arts” Rome, Italy.In the same year she received an award from the Ministry of Culture, Beijing, China as the "Top Influential Artist 2011.' Her work has been purchased by the Dutch Government, and also forms part of various private collections at home and abroad.

Marga Duin was born in Heemskerk, Holland, a little village surrounded by fields and meadows, close to the dunes and the sea. Her father was a flower bulbs breeder, so she grew up in a world full of colour close to the world’s largest flower garden “Keukenhof-Holland.” I have many strong memories being alone in the colourful fields where I felt happy, surrounded by nature” she said.

Nowadays Marga lives and works in Haarlem-Holland, near the sea, a source of continuous inspiration which leads her to observation and contemplation of the surrounding world. In her paintings it is often possible to glimpse traces of the sea in colours, shapes and rhythmical movement.

Nature, light and movement are a recurrent theme in her paintings. She likes to experiment with different painting materials to achieve a surprising effect as part of the composition. Her paintings are characterized by a refined, but sometimes heavy use of colour, usually placed in geometric shapes intended to express the basic human emotions. Each plane has a different setting. They are as it were, instruments playing a piece of music whose score is displayed on the canvas in colourful planes. Each plane has a distinct tone, thereby evoking a different emotion. Although Marga’s paintings oscillate between the figurative and the abstract, the influence of the human being in her later abstracts is evident.

Another side of her work is drawing models. She is fascinated by the lines of the human body. In this she has developed a completely new style. She selects a part of the figure, reflects that on paper, then stops and selects a different part of the same or a different figure and places that in the composition. The lines are quickly and firmly drawn; there is no way to return. So the lines are running through each other, sometimes forming a main characteristic of the composition or at other times disappearing into the background. This rhythm of lines forms the basis of all her drawings. It may be said to represent the line of life which is unique to each human being and their emotional experience. Sweeping swathes of colour are then applied to bring the divergent sections together, eliminating any sense of fragmentation.She works with her own group of models, mostly professional ballet dancers, male and female.

Art is an essential part of her life and always has been. She is fully committed, and fervently pursues her own direction.